Sling Bag

Sling bags are heavy duty performers, designed to safely lift and lower cargo multiple times. Each loop, weave and fabric is pressure tested to maximum levels to ensure that our slingbags give you optimal functionality, for transporting on land or in the sea, using hooks, cables, cranes, etc. All bags are manufactured using polypropylene fabric tote with four polyester lifting loops designed to move the burlap bags with a single point pick up.

Ideal Uses:
  • For underwater pipeline support, pipe stabilization, separation and protection
  • For filling sizeable voids or depressions in ocean, lake or riverbed
  • To beautify and stabilize slopes, riverbanks, bulkheads and beaches
  • To rebuild embankments, dams, seawalls and revetment
  • To control erosion around lakefronts, canals and culverts
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