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FIBC Bags are reliable, flexible and provide affordable packaging options for safely storing and transporting a wide array of products. When it comes to the critical choice of finding a packaging solution for hazardous goods, only specially-designed protective UN Bulk Bag can stand up to the test!

With us, you can always be assured to find a suitable UN Certified Bulk Bags for your needs.

What are UN Approved Bulk Bags?

The task of packing, storing and transporting hazardous materials comes with its own set of risks and challenges. If you want to tackle those risks with assured safety and quality, you need UN Certified Big Bags.

UN Approved FIBCs are manufactured with high quality durable fabrics, webbing which can protect the packed material during actual use. Each bag is designed meticulously by our design engineers who ensure it meets the specified criteria based on their fabric quality, liner material and coating. Also, they are categorised and marked under different groups depending on their capability of handling dangerous goods.

UN Bags are designed to carry hazardous products and their use is regulated by the UN Association, commonly known as the Orange Book.

There are four types of FIBCs for dangerous goods made from woven plastics:

  • 13 H 1 - Woven plastics without coating and without liner.
  • 13 H 2 - Woven plastics, coated and without liner.
  • 13 H 3 - Woven plastics, uncoated and with liner.
  • 13 H 4 - Woven plastics, coated and with liner.

UN Bags are also classified according to the Hazard level of goods they carry. Each UN Bag shall carry the UN-Symbol mentioned in the below table which shall imply the hazard level of the product.

Degree Of Danger Packing Group UN-Symbol max. Volume
High | X 1.5 m3
Medium || Y 3.0 m3
Low ||| Z 3.0 m3

Packaging group 1 with UN symbol X is not applicable to FIBCs, but only to rigid IBCs.

All UN Bags are treated as multi-trip bags even though there is no safety factor 6:1. This term is unknown in the UN regulations. UN bags are not classified by safety factors. They are instead classified by packing groups I, II or III. The safety factor 6:1 refers to FIBCs for non-dangerous goods only.

As a premier UN Certified Bags manufacturer & supplier in India, we at Umasree ensure each product passes through a series of most rigorous and thorough tests at certified test houses. The marking on these UN Approved Bulk Bags along with the UN logo are our assurance of superior quality, performance and durability under all tested conditions.

UN Test

Several tests are applied to the UN Certified Big Bags in order to verify UN requirements such as :

Top lift test, Tear test, Stacking test, Drop test, Topple test , Righting test The above tests are conducted by the certified test houses before they issue the certificates. This report will describe in detail not only the specification of the FIBC tested but the test levels at which the FIBC passed. The certificate is unique to the type of FIBC tested and may only be used to cover the carriage of products within the limit of the UN test.

Benefits of UN Certified Big Bags

Our UN Certified Bags for hazardous material offer many significant advantages, like -

  • Complete protection against spillage, leaks, cross-contamination of the contents under the UN-specified test conditions
  • All UN Rated Bulk Bags are multi-trip packaging solutions with SWL range of 500 kg - 2000 kg
  • Depending on your particular requirements, the bags are crafted with coated/uncoated fabrics, having tubular/straight-shaped liners and 4 colour printing options
  • Being the leading UN Certified Bag exporter, we deliver UN Bags with various customisations on top and bottom construction options for easy and safe filling, lifting and discharge

Choose the ultimate safety packaging option for handling hazardous material and give your customers and business personnel a stress-free, consistent experience with Umasree UN Certified Jumbo Bags. For more information or custom orders, contact us today.

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