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Best Waste Container That Never Turns into Waste

Dumpster Bags are a special variant of FIBC bags. These FIBC bags are designed especially for domestic storage, including the activity of waste collection and management for waste generated by households, home renovation, or DIY projects. Umasree Texplast Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading Dumpster Bag Manufacturer in India, believes in providing highly durable and customizable Dumpster Bags according to the waste storage requirement of the customers.

What are Dumpster Bags?

A Dumpster Bag is a kind of mobile waste holder or a container that is used to handle wastes like wood, glass, paper, building materials, etc. The capacity of the bags can be deducted on their varying sizes, we cater mainly to three different variants of dumpster bags which are as follows:

Small Size
  • Dimensions: 45X45X90 cm
  • SWL & SF: 250 KG & 5:1
  • Top & Bottom: Open & Flat

Medium Size
  • Dimensions: 90X90X105 cm
  • SWL & SF: 1000 KG & 5:1
  • Top & Bottom: Open & Flat

Large Size
  • Dimensions: 95X225X97 cm
  • SWL & SF: 1500 KG & 5:1
  • Top & Bottom: Open & Flat

Apart from these standard sizes, customization is available. For better understanding we as a Dumpster Bag Supplier in India, have come up with the following advantages:

  • a. Safer site: Exposed waste and trash may increase the risk to one working or passing-by through the site. Using Dumpster Bags helps you in storing and managing the waste of the site and making the site a safer place.
  • b. Eco-friendly: Every product we manufacture uses high-quality fabric that is 100% recyclable and doesn't stand as a reason for any kind of environmental harm. Additionally, more waste can be picked up at a time of disposal, this cuts down carbon footprint and emission.
  • c. Multiple applications: As discussed earlier these bags are widely known for their waste management purposes for an individual, a society, or industrial premises. But, it is also used in construction sites, material shifting, home cleanouts, renovation, and storage.
  • d. Cost-effective: Because of its multiple applications, you might have been familiar now with its reuses. If you are the one who bought it for your DIY project for managing waste, once your work is done, then, later on, you can use it for storing purposes too. It can also be referred to as a one-time investment.

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