Ventilated Big Bags

The Most Effective Way to Keep Your Products Fresh

Raw Food Products such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and other organic goods, are prone to damage if care is not taken to ensure proper ventilation or to ward off excess moisture. There's also the risk of contamination from external sources. Similar issues occur with transporting other products that need to breathe in order to stay fresh such as firewood, kindling, loggings etc.

If you're looking for the perfect FIBC packaging solution for storing and transporting fresh goods, FIBC Ventilated Bags manufactured by India's leading Ventilated Bags provider, Umasree are the answer for you!

These Ventilated Big Bags are an effective yet economic FIBC packaging solution to protect sensitive materials during storage and transport.

What are Ventilated Bags?

Ventilated FIBC Bag is a specially designed FIBC Bag with air vents along the woven fabric on its body. This is a kind of mesh fabric that allows easy air-flow to the contents inside and prevents moisture build-up.

At Umasree, we manufacture these bags from strong woven plastic with evenly distributed vents. This ensures optimum breathability through controlled air circulation during storage and transport. As a premium Ventilated Bags manufacturer in India, we understand your challenges in keeping the products safe and in good condition throughout the packaging journey. We are committed to offer a stress-free packaging solution for our customers at every step of the way through any necessary customisation required.

Advantages of FIBC Ventilated Bags

We are one of the top Ventilated Bags suppliers in India. Below are some of the key features we provide with our Ventilated Bags:

  • We deliver bags with SWL range of 500kg to 2000kg.
  • The fabric is usually uncoated.
  • Upto 4 colour printing.
  • For easier handling and better efficiency per your business requirements, we offer customisations on dimension, fabric, loops and other options as stated below:
    • Bags with Cross-Corner Loops, Side-Seam Loops, Stevedore Straps etc.
    • Filling and closure options like Open Top, Flap, Filling Spout etc.
    • Discharge features like Discharge Spout with Iris Protection, Petal Closure, Quick Discharge etc.

At Umasree, we emphasise on maximum quality and robust performance with affordability for every single product we manufacture. Partner with the premium Ventilated Bags exporter for in-stock or custom orders. To know more, contact us today.

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