Conductive Type C Bags

The FIBCs That Guarantee Safety

What are Conductive Type C Bags?

FIBC Conductive Bags, also known as Type C FIBC Bags, are a specialty product with a very specific design and usage criteria. These bags are manufactured with PP fabric with interwoven conductive threads, such as silver, carbon or steel threads. These conductive fibres are woven such that they create a mesh-like structure within the FIBC Bag's body internally.

Some of the products carried within these bags are highly sensitive and accumulate a high static electrical charge while filling or discharging them. These charges pose a risk of instant combustion under hazardous environment or to any inflammable substances nearby. When filling or discharging the contents within, these bags must be grounded consistently. This helps in avoiding any risk of discharge ignition while carrying heavy loads of products with optimum cost-effectiveness.

Conductive Bags ensure no accumulation of such electrostatic charge through a steady grounding connection. Grounding the FIBC Type C Bag helps to prevent any incendiary charge related accidents.

Characteristics of Conductive Type C Bulk Bags

Being a premium Conductive Bags supplier from India, the Conductive Jumbo Bags manufactured at Umasree boasts of significant advantages, like -

  • Superior quality of fabric, conductive yarns and grounding tabs (for consistent earthing) for steady and safe handling of sensitive products
  • Stringent and rigorous testing done on each bag to make sure absolutely safe usage and high performance under the tested conditions at all times
  • We are the leading Conductive Type C Bulk Bags manufacturer in India. So, we offer you a wide range of customisations in design factors like:
    • Bags with Ancillary Loops, Hood Lift, Single Stevedore Straps etc.
    • Filling and closure options like Open Top, Duffel Top, Filling Spout etc.
    • Various safe discharge options like Discharge Spout, Discharge Spout with Iris Protection, Petal Closure etc. and more

These Conductive Bags are the safest choice for carrying potentially dangerous products with constant grounding during filling and discharge.

For consistent performance and reliability of the quality parameters, choose India's top Conductive Type C Bulk Bags Supplier & Exporter - Umasree. For more information or to place a custom order, contact us today.

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