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Polypropylene Woven Sacks

Environmental changes are the main factors acting on your packaged goods during storage and transportation purposes. And everyone aims to prevent it, but is it possible? Yes! Umasree Texplast Pvt. Ltd. introduces Polypropylene Woven Sacks, these sacks are water and moisture-proof. For any packaging industry, these bags suits well as they are flexible, immensely strengthened, and reliable.

Features of PP Woven Sacks

  • High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) Sacks available in coated as well as un-coated forms
  • These sacks are customizable to deliver the client satisfaction
  • The multitude of options including color, designs, sizes, dimensions, and so much more are available
  • The size of sacks is the first aspect taken into consideration, as it is important for manufacturing cost-effective sacks
  • Prepared with the finest stitching techniques due to which a noticeable strength and durability is boosted
  • Allows sufficient passages for air permeability
  • Can be laminated for moisture-proof packing

As an ISO certified polypropylene (PP) woven sacks manufacturers in India, we offer UV protected sandbags especially for erosion control, flood control, and any other type of reinforcement projects.

Industries Served

  • Fertilizers
  • Cement
  • Sugar
  • Fabric
  • Food grains
  • Sand
  • Dates and many more
Polylined Woven Sacks

Polypropylene Woven Sacks consist of PP plastic threads that are woven together for creating a flexible and durable material whereas Polylined Woven Sacks are bonded together instead of woven. To bond them together plastic fibers are fused via heat and pressure. Either of these processes can be used for manufacturing high-quality packaging materials. At the starting of production stages, we ensure using premium-grade raw material that makes us unique from other woven laminated sack manufacturers. Further, we offer our clients customization options as per their satisfactory requirements like:

  • Width
  • Length
  • Color
  • Printing
  • Lamination
  • Gauge

Additional Advantages Of Polylined Woven Sacks Includes:

  • PP yarns are used for manufacturing over PE plastic
  • Resistant to wear and tear in any kind of environmental changes and conditions
  • Doesn't get degraded even in wet states
  • Re-usable multiple times for multiple needs
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Helps in optimizing the space which leads to cheap transportation cost
  • No seepages, this is one of the main advantages as one can trust in these sacks for storing and transporting purposes without getting tensed of material spoilage or loss
  • Cost-effective in comparison with other alternative packaging materials

The sacks we manufacture undergo various quality checks and stringent testing to ensure they are free from any type of discrepancy. Get Polypropylene Woven Bags and Polylined Woven Sacks from verified PP woven sack manufacturer.

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